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One of the most common injuries in running is to the hamstrings

Doing A Hamstring StretchTypically the pain that often presents itself in the hamstrings is due to biomechanical load from another area of the body that is not functioning correctly.

Even if you tear the hamstring during sprinting, the underlying cause is usually biomechanical, and unless that cause is addressed, the problem will become recurrent or simply just not go away.

You could even just have a hamstring that feels tight or won’t stretch out properly, either way the cause is usually biomechanical. So what does that even mean?

In simple terms .... it's the engineering and movement pattern of your body! So if your movement pattern is dysfunctional then it will effect the engineering of your body which will effect the structures of your tissues (muscles and fascia) and when you sprint or run or jump or whatever you choose to do and your body is out of alignment, then naturally you're going to potentially cause an injury.

So what we do at Intulo Health is assess your movement pattern, we look for the driver of your imbalance that has caused the injury and then we rehabilitate the cause. Naturally we treat the symptom, however, we prefer to find the driver and rehabilitate that, because long term, that's going to prevent an ongoing injury. There is absolutely no point in me rubbing your hamstring over and over again if is the symptom and not the cause of your hamstring injury. Make sense?

Yours in good health...

Amanda xx