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Coronavirus Update: Keep calm (wash hands) and carry on...

Corona Virus InformationWith the recent advent and spread of the COVID:19 Coronavirus, we wanted to give you an update on everything that the Intulo Health team are doing to ensure your comfort, safety and good health.

Our team are undertaking an enhanced cleaning schedule to keep the clinic germ free after every patient. Nothing is more important to us than your health! (and our own I hasten to add!) 

We ask that any patients who have visited China, South Korea, Iran or Italy, or are simply not feeling well, refrain from visiting the clinic.

Simply give us a minimum of 24 hours notice – we naturally understand at this challenging time. We’ll look forward to welcoming any affected patients back to the clinic after the recommended 14 day self-isolation period has past.

Thank you for helping us to help keep you safe and healthy!
Yours in good health,

Amanda and the Intulo Health team